The Functions and Benefits of Vitamin Supplements


Vitamins are important in the body because they help it to grow normally, and provide a good health and metabolism. Vitamins work by providing metabolism to the other nutrients thus providing energy and start the right reactions in the body. Vitamins can be found in foods such as vegetables and fruits. There is a recommended amount of vitamins that should be taken into the body so that it may have no deficiencies. Vitamins can be classified under two areas and that depends on how soluble they are. There are the fat soluble vitamins which include D, A, K and E which are usually stored in the body and also contain oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. There are also the water-soluble vitamins which include C and B, and they cannot be stored in the body. The water-soluble vitamins contain sulfur and nitrogen. It is essential that you may be aware of functions of vitamins from and what may happen in case there is a deficiency in the body.

The work of the América Vitaminas is to make it possible for the nutrients taken into the body to be easily digested and change carbohydrates and fats to become energy. Vitamins are also vital in the body because they produce antibodies which are used for making one’s immunity stronger and thus providing resistance to diseases. Vitamins are also essential to the body for making the cells stronger, forming bones, blood cells, blood cells, hormones  and combine chemicals of the nervous system with proteins to give out enzymes. Different groups of vitamins have different roles that they play in the body. Lack of some vitamins n the body may lead to some serious results. When you have a deficiency of vitamin A in the body it may lead to night blindness, skin problems and retarded growth.

Lack of vitamin B1 may cause one to have some leg cramps, irritability, problems in digesting food and weakness of the muscles. Lack of vitamin B2 causes the tongue to have some inflammation, mouth ulcers, low blood count, general body weakness and dandruff. Having insufficient vitamin B3 in the body may cause pellagra while lack of enough vitamin B6 makes one to have some problems of the skin, low immunity and having some mental confusion. When you do not have enough vitamin B5, you may experience some heart problems and depression. It is therefore essential for you to identify times when there can be a deficiency in some vitamins so that you may know how to rectify a certain situation. Learn more about health at


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